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Consistent trading with a heavy focus on risk management and long term sustainability.

Hi I’m Keiran, an independent trader with over a decade experience analysing markets. I trade utilising a proprietary technical, fundamental and sentiment strategy, primarily on Sterling. I aim to achieve a safe and consistent 1-2% growth per month with low risk and minimal drawdown. Every trade has a risk-adjusted stop loss. Average risk is circa 1% per trade. I place a strong emphasis on account stability and risk management. No erratic swings. My focused approach is to achieve realistic and steady risk-managed gains over time in accordance with the laws of probability. Consistent growth and capital preservation are my main priorities to ensure the integrity of our investments. 

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TKF is an investible asset on Darwinex protected by the FCA. Darwinex’s risk manager has involvement in TKF’s results due to having a set value at risk (VAR) parameter at play. For a closer look at my actual growth on account I’ve added my accounts Myfxbook’s link.

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The table above will be updated the 1st of every month totalling the previous months % account growth and total pips gained. 

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The key mindset for investing in TKF should be a long-term investment perspective. The equity curve will develop over several years, encompassing both negative months and drawdown periods, which is a natural part of the process. It is crucial to contain losses, manage risks, and consider them as integral components of the long-term strategy. Trading and investment involve probabilities rather than certainties. TKF is an investable asset with a favorable probabilistic edge, resulting in higher gains by the end of the year compared to the beginning. The objective is to achieve gains within the range of 10-20%, regardless of occasional losing months. I prioritize evaluating results on a yearly basis rather than weekly or monthly. Nonetheless, it can be beneficial to monitor trading results monthly for any unusual deviations. However, the cumulative results for the year take precedence.

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